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Merrin Torristo, aka Blaine Ungo Blaine

Chaotic-Evil Half-Elven Rogue 8
Favored Classes: Rogue & Fighter
Deity: Cyric
Languages: Common, Elven, Shaaran, Damarran, Hin, Illuskan

HP: 63
AC: 23 (10 + Armor 6 + Dex 4 (5) + Natural 1 + Deflection 1)
Initiative: 4 (5)
Speed: 30
BAB: 6

Str 11 --
Dex 19 +4 (21 +5)
Con 12 +1
Int 16 +3
Wis 11 --
Cha 14 +2

4 Fort 2 1 1
12 Ref 6 4(5) 1
3 Will 2 - 1

Canter: +5 to Bluff and Sense Motive to send and receive secret messages
Jaded: +2 Trait bonus to saves against Fear

Half-Elf Adaptability: Skill Focus: Bluff
1st: Two-Weapon Fighting
3rd: Skill Focus: Sleight of Hand
5th: Skill Focus: Stealth
7th: Shadow Strike

Class Abilities:
Sneak Attack: 4d6
R2: Finesse Rogue: Weapon Finesse
R4: Weapon Training: Weapon Focus: Dagger
R6: Offensive Defense
R8: Fast Stealth

Skills: 96/96
16 Acrobatics (Dex) 5 8 3
7 Appraise (Int) 3 1 3
16 Bluff (Cha) 2 8 3 3
8 Climb (Str) - 5 3
3 Craft (Int) 3
13 Diplomacy (Cha) 2 8 3
16 Disable Device (Dex) 5 8 3
13 Disguise (Cha) 2 8 3
14 Escape Artist (Dex) 5 6 3
12 Intimidate (Cha) 2 7 3
7 Knowledge (dungeoneering) (Int) 3 1 3
7 Knowledge (Border Kingdoms) (Int) 3 1 3
7 Linguistics (Int) 3 1 3
15 Perception (Wis) - 8 2 3 2
2 Perform (Cha) 2
- Profession (Wis) -
6 Ride (Dex) 5 1
11 Sense Motive (Wis) - 8 3
19 Sleight of Hand (Dex) 5 8 3 3
24 Stealth (Dex) 5 8 3 3 5
4 Swim (Str) - 1 3
6 Use Magic Device (Cha) 2 1 3

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Post  Admin on Thu Dec 30, 2010 8:34 am

((1 Dagger +1 and Leaf Armor +1 (pre-shadow) taken out of 10500 total to spend))
- ~ - ~ ITEM ~ - ~ - ~ - ~ COST ~ ~ WEIGHT ~
Leaf Armor +2, Shadow - - 5250 GP - - - - 10
Dagger +1 Acid - - - - - - -------GP - -- - -1~
Dagger +1 X2 - - - - - - - -4604 GP - - - - 2~(1 in haversack)
Brass Knuckles X2 - - - - - - - 2 GP - - - - 2~
Light Crossbow - - - - - - - - 30 GP - - - - 4*
Bolts (50) - - - - - - - - - - - -5 GP - - - - 5*
Longspear - - - - - - - - - - - 5 GP - - - - -9*
Club - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - --- - - - - -3*
Handy Haversack - - - - - - 2000 GP - - - - 5
Belt of Incredible Dexterity +2 4000 GP - - -
Potion of Barkskin +4 (10 rounds)
Potion of Tumblingx2
Potion of Cure Light X9 - - -500 GP - - - ----*
Pass Without Trace Potion X2 50 GP - - - ---*
Masterwork Thieve's Tools - -100 GP - - - - 2*
Feather Token, Floating x7 - -160 GP
Feather Token, Bird x2 - - - -300 GP
Feather Token, Fan - - - - - -200 GP
Feather Token, Swan - - - - 450 GP
Feather Token, Tree - - - - -400 GP - - - - --*
Hand of the Mage - - - - - - 900 GP - - - - 2*
Pick Pocket's Outfit - - - - - - -5 GP - - - - 3
100' Silk Rope - - - - - - - - - 20 GP - - - - 10*
Shovel - - - - - - - - - - - - - -2 CP - - - - 3*
Grappling Hook X2 - - - - - - - 2 GP - - - - -8*
Hammer - -- - - - - - - - - - --5 SP - - - - -2*
Caltrops X10 - - - - - - - - - -10 GP - - - - 20*
Disguise Kit - - - - - - - - - - -
Rations X10
Hooded Lantern
Lamp Oil X10
Waterskin X4
Powder X5
Stove Can X2
Bear Trap X2
Spring-loaded Wrist-sheath X2
Eversmoking Bottle - - - - - - - 5400 GP - - - - -
Amulet of Natural Armor +1 - - -2000 GP
Ring of Protection +1 - - -- - - - 2000 GP
Cloak of Resistance +1 - - - - - 2000 GP
Ring of Sustenance - - - - - - - 2500 GP
Horseshoes of Speed
Salve of Slipperyness
Sovereign Glue
Ring of Counterspells (Greater Command)

Gold Coins 530 Gold 5 Silver 97 Copper

Gems 500gp, 10gp, 50gp, 500gp
Chalice 2500gp

10500/10500 - - - 22 LBs
*denotes storage in Haversack
~denotes hidden via Sleight of Hand

STR 11 38 lbs. or less 39–76 lbs. 77–115 lbs.

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Merrin Torristo, aka Blaine Ungo Empty Origin

Post  Admin on Tue Mar 15, 2011 11:18 am

The blue-gray limestone of the Dagger Falls Canyon glistened near black most of the day. The gorge it cut lay between two rising cliffs to either side, and it dove deeply into its own foaming mist below, hiding much of its walls from the sun for a large percentage of the day. For the few hours in which it basks in the sun's light, and the Hin living upstream nearby, the sundial can't turn slowly enough.

Merin, of the Toristo's, enjoyed the soft summer days. The sun soothed all aches away on the warm rocks exposed over the years in the stream. The mist of the falls were a dance floor for the sun to play upon, and the sounds all around her a symphony of simple pleasure. Her family had lived in or around the falls for as far back as any could remember, and they fully planned to continue setting up kip here for as long as they could. The younglings upstream danced and giggled in a recessed pool of still water. Her father, Racine, and her uncles Dimitri and Lollop, had long established a barricade of wetted timbers sunk into the stream's still bank to allow family outings without the necessity of watching the younglings for every second in the swift stream. But still, despite the safety, they were all vigilant of each other's children. It was a single community, a unit, all buttressed by the company of their neighbors just as the stream was in the cliffs.

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Merrin Torristo, aka Blaine Ungo Empty Re: Merrin Torristo, aka Blaine Ungo

Post  Admin on Wed Mar 16, 2011 2:58 pm

Merrin sighed, watching the children play, and instinctively rubbed a free hand languidly over her womb. Her mother, Allitha, had long since departed, dying in childbirth while bearing her younger sister, Alma. Alma was premature and the birth was complicated, leaving her mother little hope for survival, yet she persevered until the baby was safe in her arms before her life gave out. Alma grew into a sickly thing, although cheery enough despite her plight, and Merrin took to looking after her as best she could. She wasn't very old when it happened, but old enough to manage. Her father never spoke of it, and none ever spoke of his decision not to. It was understood to be too difficult for him, and there was no question that the loss was horrific for him. His strength in continuing to raise his two daughters alone brought admiring glances from the folk who knew him.

But, the demands of a single parent and of running a wood shop were great, and he couldn't be there all the time. Not nearly enough were the number of hours he could spend exclusively doting upon his daughters, and Alma took to time alone with books and long walks. Merrin, raised with others her age and old enough to remember the face of her mother, continued on her way and eventually healed. Alma was the quiet one.

Merrin rose from the rock as the sun began to creep past the crest of the westerly cliffs. She tiptoed lithely long the flat rocks and caught Illney Pickles staring at her. She was a pretty young thing and the eyes of many boys, and a few of their hands, were frequently upon her. Unlike the rest, Illney's gaze didn't avert when she caught him. He smiled and stood at the water's edge, a clean linen wrap in his hands. She accepted it with a coquettish twist, grabbing his hand and forcing it around her. He gave the acceptable amount of resistance and they cooed together for the joy of all.

Racine had called the village together for a feast that night--a weekly occasion among the six families of their shire, and households rotated the honor regularly. It was supposed to be the Brookbabble's turn, but there was a twinkle in Mr. Torristo's eye this night, and it caught and reflected in Merrin's and Illney's loving gazes as well. He raised his mug of green berry wine, a delicacy of these parts due to the way the berries grew along the Dagger Falls stream, and toasted the company. Then, to their delight, announced the forthcoming wedding of his daughter and young master Pickles.

Alma squealed with delight and clutched her sister. She'd had her suspicions, but hadn't expected it would be so soon. According to their custom, a younger child couldn't wed before the elders were. And Illney's younger brother, Oban, had tickled her eye for quite some time. The wedding would be the perfect time and place, with both of them having primacy in either procession, to make a strong impression. That excitement, personal though it was, paled in comparison to her joy for her sister--they truly were more than sisters, having the mother-daughter relationship known only to those who've experienced their maternal loss.

As preparations for the nuptials began, Alma quickly appointed herself in charge of organization. It was no coincidence that she and Oban shared a great deal of activity and, to the surprise of none, the bookish Alma and the shy Oban became closer and closer. Through their dutiful cooperation, although they had to be reminded to do more work than cuddling, the wedding was a wonderful affair. Illney and Merrin were joined and, eight and a half months later, their first youngling was born.

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Alma and Oban were inseparable during Merrin's pregnancy. It came as no surprise that after the birth of Merrin's son, the wee baby Seamus, Illney and Alma announced their engagement. The small village, small enough that none of them ever thought to name it anything other than "The Falls," was overjoyed and counted themselves lucky indeed to celebrate a birth and a wedding at the same time. It seemed that all had an extra bounce in their step and a whistle while they worked to prepare.

The day of the ceremony drew near, and as was their custom Oban spent the week before in his next eldest relative's house, the home of Illney and Merrin. His brother was completely absorbed in Seamus. He lived and breathed for his son, to the detriment of his attentions for Merrin. She, in her part, had changed in her view of Illney since the pregnancy, and what she once found so charming in Illney, his brashness and boyish exuberance, had been niggling at her for the last several months. Oban's arrival, with his reserved nature and new-found self-assuredness, came as a breath of fresh air for her. Illney watched the wee baby Seamus, as the two of them took walks in the woods, often down the stream to the cliff's edge.

Alma was never much of a fan of tradition. She'd been reared on the traditions of other realms, anyway; through her books, she'd been educated by the writers of the world at large. Mostly she read fanciful tales of adventure and gallantry, of high romance and drama. Often these nights, with no contact with her beloved, with whom she'd yearned to be with but maintained chastity out of deference to the family's name, she found herself wandering wistfully among the mists of the Dagger Falls Basin below the cliffs. Such a night was this one, the moon drifting coquettishly behind the limbs of the cliff bushes scattering her rays all nimbly-bimbly among the mist soaked stones. Glittering rainbows appeared and disappeared just as quickly as they were spotted and she found herself grinning wildly, straining to take in the magic of her last night as an unwedded woman.

Two figures caught her eye, and she could barely make them out on the cliff above her. She giggled to herself, thinking wistfully of the stargazing she and Oban had done just in that same spot. She thought of who else it could be in the tight knit community and stealthily scaled the path up behind them. Eagerly anticipating a first look into a burgeoning romance, one that mirrored hers and Oban's, she peered over the rock. The falls shrouded their whispered words in white noise, but their shadowed positioning indicated that things had moved far beyond a simple courting and mimicked her wildest novels in ribaldry.

She watched, mouth agape, from her perch, and soon the lovers finished their coupling. She crept closer, scaling ever so gently down the loose banks of the cliffside to hide behind a boulder just feet from the couple. She peered over, heart beating quickly. It was then she saw Oban rise from Merrin and tie his britches, face flushed in the moonlight.

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Alma gasped and shrank back against her stone hiding place. Her mind swam in a sea of rage and sorrow, and her emotions erupted in a baleful wail. The waterfall did its best to swallow the sound, but it too had a profound lump in its throat. The keening sound, its epicenter so close to Merrin and Oban, found its way to their ears. Oban faltered, his eyes wide and his face lost its rosy flush in an instant. He stammered, "Wh-who's there?!?" Merrin spun on the rocks to her feet, clasping her bodice with one hand as she steadied herself with the other.

Alma clambered to her feet, her eyes spitting bitter tears as she slipped. Her hand found its way to a stone that broke loose under her scrabbling feet and she instinctively clutched her tiny hand around it. Merrin and Oban flashed white as spectres in the mist filtered moonlight before her, their eyes darting from Alma's face to the rock in her hands.

Merrin held out a hand, fingers splayed wide, and she pleaded for Alma to put the rock down. "Alma--please! This isn't--"

Alma cut her off, "--what it looks like?!? How could you...what kind of an idiot do you take me for? You're my SISTER!!! What...what an stupid..." She broke down into sobs, the rock tumbling from her shaking fingers with a silent splash in the eddies around their feet.

Oban stood stark still, too still, the blood fading from his head and sent him swimming through the air in a faint. His head smashed sickeningly from the rock he and Merrin had just sated their lust upon and his body spun limply in the rushing water. Merrin screamed his name and skipped over to his side, clutching at an ankle, but the slick stones beneath her feet gave her little purchase and she was quickly taken from her feet. Bracing what she could of her toes into the crannies between the slimy cobbles, she gasped and gurgled in the water with both hands tugging frantically on Oban's leg.

Alma heard the scream and lifted her head, fearful that her betrayers sought to silence her with violence, and was shocked to see the two teetering at Kelemvor's door. She slipped and staggered towards them, stumbling over the stone she'd dropped before. Her fall placed her eyes directly level with it. The screams of her sister, the roar of the waterfall, they all mingled into one eerie crescendo as her eyes, unclouded by the immersion in the cold, rushing waters of the spring thaw, focused on the shape. It grew clearer, even with the strange angle she found herself, and the moon illuminating it from behind in the mist. It was shaped like a jawless skull.

She ignored the screaming, the roaring, the cold, and held the skull up at arms length. The moon, its light eclipsed by the stone, shone in a milky star-burst around it. Alma's eyes glassed over, her swimming head and shattered emotions finally coming to rest within her mind. They reformed where they lay, her thoughts a tangled ruin and her emotions a churning cataclysm upon them. She turned to the sound of her sister screaming, gurgling in the stream, finding her face partially submerged beneath the water. She was being pulled under in the coursing rush of the waterfall, she was losing the war with the current and both she and Oban were creeping slowly, inexorably, towards the precipice.

Alma couldn't remember striding through the stream these last few steps. She had no memory of raising the skull shaped stone above her. Her vision flashed red with rage in the face of her betrayal and a new version of herself, fully formed, surfaced in the maelstrom of her mind. One who could stand in the current, one who wasn't harmed by betrayal.

She looked down, Merrin's left hand frantically seeking her sister's aid, and Alma crouched behind the lovers' stone. She slowly, languidly reached out across it and teased at Merrin's fingertips. Alma shook her head, her body tingling, and called out over the din, " would appear that something really big has come between us, sister!" Merrin's breath came in spurting bursts, and the water ran in her mouth, choking her. Alma continued, pulling her hand away and creeping over the stone. "Tomorrow was to be my wedding day, Merrin!" She wiped a silted hand across her face, smearing her hair and pate with a streak of shimmering mud. "MY! WEDDING DAY!" She held the rock high overhead, again encapsulating it in the moon's cloying burst of chaotic light.

Merrin tugged mightily against the pull and made enough progress to lift her head above the water. "Alma! Alma, I'm sorry. Alma!"

Alma balked, spitting fury and wrath. "Alma? ALMA?!? Alma's the sweet one, the shy one, the one you can run around behind on and fuck her fiance'! I'm Merrin, bitch! I'm the one who gets what she wants, when she wants, no matter who I have to hurt! Do you hear me?!? I'M MERRIN!!!"

She sat for hours upon the boulder, cradling the bloody, skull shaped stone. She was gone before the dawn and never returned.

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