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Post  snowy on Sat Jul 19, 2014 6:09 am

Snowy Psionson of Clan Duergar
Life is not easy in Gracklstugh. A hundred metres underground, it is perhaps the most polluted city in all of Faerun. It is also among the most productive. The forges never stop and the Grey Dwarves churn out a steady supply of metalwork of the very finest quality.
The economy of Gracklstugh is built on slave mines. But the Duergar are no slouches. They work themselves to the bone, often performing the same scorching and bone-breaking labour as their slaves. Thus they feel no pity when their property suddenly falls over dead from exhaustion, unable to keep pace with their stone-hard masters.
But the Duergar have an edge that has enabled them to dominate the Underdark, second only the Drow. Many Grey Dwarves are Psions and Psychic Warriors, a gift from their centuries of torment as the slaves of the Mind Flayers. The Duergar goddess, Deep Duerra, is a legendary Psion who lead the rebellion that finally freed the Grey Dwarves.
Snowy was born to a family of wealthy merchants who had aspirations of nobility. When he was born an Albino with luxurious hair, his Clan suspected he would one day manifest potent psionic powers. However, as he aged, his complexion grew darker, his hair thinned and the Clan lost faith in him. By the time he joined the Army, he was a family pariah.
He was sent on a year-long patrol guarding a trade route plagued by Drow from Menzoberranzan. During this time he adapted to life outside an industrial city, learning to live in the inhospitable Underdark. His battles with Drow were few and though he survived each of their assaults, he failed to master combat against the Dark Elves. He fared much better against Giants however and now feels confident he could take a Giant by himself.
Snowy’s military service finished four years ago. Lacking any sort of trade and too proud to ask his family for aid, he became a merchant. He purchased a trained Giant Scorpion, renamed her Elminster, loaded her up and began supplying outposts with quality steel. He swiftly learned how to tell real gems from fakes and to gauge the value of trade goods. He rarely made a significant profit, but it was honest work, he was his own boss and he was good at it.
Eventually he became tempted by the treasures of the Surface World. He could make huge profits with just one shipment of fruit, spices or wood. Not knowing much about the lands above, he decided he would ship quality steel to whichever warzone was hottest. Snowy mounted Elminster and followed the well-known tunnels that would lead him into the uppermost reaches of the Underdark, to the place surface-dwellers call Undermountain.
Even in Gracklstugh he had heard of Waterdeep. For him the name conjured up mystery- imagine a city where the water was so deep, one could lie submerged! Perhaps it would be filled with Mermaids? Or Kuo-Toa? Perhaps even the Slaves bathe daily? The very concept of deep water motivated Snowy to reach the surface and see the mythical Sun.
But things did not go according to plan. Completely bypassing Skullport, Snowy wandered Undermountain with his faithful riding Scorpion, Elminster. He was mistaken for a wandering monster by a party of inexperienced adventurers, who sought to rob him of his magic swords. During the slaughter that followed, Elminster was panicked with magic and fled deep into Undermountain, still laden with enough of the finest Grey Dwarven steel to supply an armoury. Snowy searched for her for seven weeks, before admitting he had lost his only friend.
He became even more determined to glare straight into the Sun. He would do it for Elminster. Snowy trekked toward the surface, emerging in the docks of Waterdeep. His wildest dreams could not prepare him for the sight of the Sun or the Ocean. He had spent a lifetime in a world of black-and-white Darkvision, able to see colours only in the glare of a forge. The Surface World was infinitely more beautiful than he could have imagined.
Lacking trade goods and unwilling to resort to theft, Snowy set about looking for work. It was clear this was a city at peace, but he was determined to make a reputation for himself as an honest Dwarf. He would do it for Elminster.


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