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Post  tip922 on Sun Nov 13, 2011 6:28 pm

Alryc Thrace: Arcane Knight Aleryc2

Alryc Thrace
Magus lvl 17
Male human NG Age:26 Height:5’9” Weight:185lbs
blonde short, cropped hair; slender, muscular build
Arcane scripts and symbols are tattooed over his back upper chest and upper arms
Worship: Tyr (knowledge, retribution, war)

AC (10+Dex+armor+deflection+nat arm+misc)
AC 10+2+13+5+5+1= 36(40 w/shield sp), Touch: 18, FF: 23
Speed 30(40) -->30; runx4
Init 9 = 2+2+4+1
HP 218(273)

Str 16(20), 3(5)
Dex 14, 2
Con 18(24), 4(7)
Int 24(30), 7(10)
Wis 12, 1
Cha 12, 1

Fort 11+4(7)+3=18(21)
Refl 6+2+3=11
Will 11+1+3=15

bab 13/8/3
Melee 18/13/8
Range 14/9/4

Cold-iron scimitar 19/14/9 (15-20/x2) 1d6+7
+1 Silversheen scimitar 20/15/10 (15-20/x2) 1d6+8

CMB 17
CMD 29

1. Reactionary: +2 trait bonus to initiative
2. Desperate Focus: +2 concentration Checks

Skills (ranks + class bonus + ability mod + misc)
Craft (weapon) 10+3+10=23
Intimidate 17+3+1=21
Know (arcana) 15+3+10=28
Know (dungeoneerinig) 15+3+10=28
Know (planes) 15+3+10=28
Profession (soldier) 11+3+1=15
Ride 10+3+2=15
Spellcraft 17+3+10=30
UMD 14+3+1=18
Climb 10+3+5=18
Swim 15+3+5=23
Handle Animal 10+1=11
Survival 17+1=18
Know (history) 17+10=27
Know (engineering) 17+10=27
Perception 17+1=18
Appraise 7+10=17
Know(geography) 12+10=22
Heal 10+1 =11
Sense Motive 15 +1 =16

H. Extra Arcana Pool
1. Combat Casting
3. W.F.-Scimitar
5. Toughness
5. Magus Bonus Feat. Improved Initiative
7. Eschew Materials
9. Extra Arcana-Ghost Blade
11. Spell Penetration
11. Magus Bonus Feat. Imp Crit-Scimitar
13. W.S.-Scimitar
15. Antagonize
17 Magus Bonus Feat. Critical Focus
17. Extra Arcane - Quickened Magic
18. Maximize Spell

Arcane Pool (21)
Spell Combat, Imp spell combat, Greater spell combat
Magus Arcana
1. (3) Arcane Accuracy
2. (6) Enduring Blade
3. (9) Spell Blending
4. (12) Devoted Blade
5. (15) Bane Blade
6. (Feat) Ghost Blade
7. (Feat) Quickened Magic
Spell recall, Imp spell recall
Knowledge pool
Medium armor prof, Heavy armor prof
Fighter training

Common, Shaaran, elven, draconic, Infernal, Abyssal, Celestial, Goblin, Giant

Universal Solvent --lb
Belt of physical might +4(Str & Con) 1lb
Headband of Vast Intelligence+6 (Perception; engineering; History ) 1lb
ioun stone dusty rose prism cracked +1 init –lb
ioun stone dusty rose prism +1 insight AC -lb
ioun stone Onyx Rhomboid +2 con (stacks)
ioun stone Iridescent Spindle (live without air)
Cloak of resist +3 1lb
Boots of striding and springing 1lb
Ring of Protection +5 --lb
+5 Glammered Mithril half-plate (agile) +8amror; 2dex; -4check; 30%arcane; 20ft movement; 4*run; 28lb
Amulet nat arm +5 --lb
+1 Silversheen scimitar 4lb
Cold-iron scimitar 4lb
Ring of Sustenance --lb
Handy Haversack 5lb
Spell Component Pouch
Light horse and gear
Various Adventuring gear
potion csw
Dweomer's Essence x20
potion of resist fire (30)
potion of resist elec(30)

Load 45lbs
Carrying Capacity:
16: up to 76 lb (light), 77-153lb(medium), 154-230lb(heavy)
20: up to 133lb (light), 134-266lb(medium), 267-400lb(heavy)

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Alryc Thrace: Arcane Knight Empty Re: Alryc Thrace: Arcane Knight

Post  tip922 on Sun Nov 13, 2011 10:42 pm

Special Abilities

Arcane pool - SU
At 1st level, the magus gains a reservoir of mystical arcane energy that he can draw upon to fuel his powers and enhance his weapon. This arcane pool has a number of points equal to 1/2 his magus level (minimum 1) + his Intelligence modifier. The pool refreshes once per day when the magus prepares his spells.

At 1st level, a magus can expend 1 point from his arcane pool as a swift action to grant any weapon he is holding a +1 enhancement bonus for 1 minute. For every four levels beyond 1st, the weapon gains another +1 enhancement bonus, to a maximum of +5 at 17th level. These bonuses can be added to the weapon, stacking with existing weapon enhancement to a maximum of +5. Multiple uses of this ability do not stack with themselves.

At 5th level, these bonuses can be used to add any of the following weapon properties: dancing, flaming, flaming burst, frost, icy burst, keen, shock, shocking burst, speed, or vorpal.

Spell Combat - EX
At 1st level, a magus learns to cast spells and wield his weapons at the same time. This functions much like two-weapon fighting, but the off-hand weapon is a spell that is being cast. To use this ability, the magus must have one hand free (even if the spell being cast does not have somatic components), while wielding a light or one-handed melee weapon in the other hand. As a full-round action, he can make all of his attacks with his melee weapon at a –2 penalty and can also cast any spell from the magus spell list with a casting time of 1 standard action (any attack roll made as part of this spell also takes this penalty). If he casts this spell defensively, he can decide to take an additional penalty on his attack rolls, up to his Intelligence bonus, and add the same amount as a circumstance bonus on his concentration check. If the check fails, the spell is wasted, but the attacks still take the penalty. A magus can choose to cast the spell first or make the weapon attacks first, but if he has more than one attack, he cannot cast the spell between weapon attacks.
---Improved Spell Combat - EX
---At 8th level, the magus’s ability to cast spells and make melee attacks improves. When using the spell combat ability, the magus receives a +2 circumstance bonus on concentration checks, in addition to any bonus granted by taking an additional penalty on the attack roll.
-----Greater Spell Combat - EX
-----At 14th level, the magus gains the ability to seamlessly cast spells and make melee attacks. Whenever he uses the spell combat ability, his concentration check bonus equals double the amount of the attack penalty taken.

Spellstrike - SU
At 2nd level, whenever a magus casts a spell with a range of “touch” from the magus spell list, he can deliver the spell through any weapon he is wielding as part of a melee attack. Instead of the free melee touch attack normally allowed to deliver the spell, a magus can make one free melee attack with his weapon (at his highest base attack bonus) as part of casting this spell. If successful, this melee attack deals its normal damage as well as the effects of the spell. If the magus makes this attack in concert with spell combat, this melee attack takes all the penalties accrued by spell combat melee attacks. This attack uses the weapon’s critical range (20, 19–20, or 18–20 and modified by the keen weapon property or similar effects), but the spell effect only deals ×2 damage on a successful critical hit, while the weapon damage uses its own critical modifier.

Magus Arcana
As he gains levels, a magus learns arcane secrets tailored to his specific way of blending martial puissance and magical skill. Starting at 3rd level, a magus gains one magus arcana. He gains an additional magus arcana for every three levels of magus attained after 3rd level. Unless specifically noted in a magus arcana’s description, a magus cannot select a particular magus arcana more than once. Magus arcana that affect spells can only be used to modify spells from the magus spell list unless otherwise noted.
1)Arcane Accuracy - SU - The magus can expend 1 point from his arcane pool as a swift action to grant himself an insight bonus equal to his Intelligence bonus on all attack rolls until the end of his turn.
2)Enduring Blade - SU - Whenever the magus enchants his weapon using his arcane pool, he may spend 1 additional point from his arcane pool to increase the duration to 1 minute per magus level.
3)Spell Blending - EX - When a magus selects this arcana, he must select one spell from the wizard spell list that is of a magus spell level he can cast. He adds this spell to his spellbook and list of magus spells known as a magus spell of its wizard spell level. He can instead select two spells to add in this way, but both must be at least one level lower than the highest-level magus spell he can cast.
4)Devoted Blade - SU - Whenever the magus enhances his weapon using his arcane pool, he may spend 1 additional point from his arcane pool to add either the anarchic, axiomatic, holy, or unholy special ability to the list of available options. A magus may only add one of these abilities if it matches his own alignment.
5)Bane Blade - SU - Whenever the magus enhances his weapon using his arcane pool, he may spend 1 additional point from his arcane pool to add the bane special ability to the weapon.
6)Ghost Blade - SU - Whenever the magus enchants his weapon using his arcane pool, he may spend 1 additional point from his arcane pool to add the brilliant energy and ghost touch special abilities to the list of available options.
7)Quickened Magic - SU - The magus can cast one spell per day as if it were modified by the Quicken Spell feat. This does not increase the level of the spell.

Spell Recall - SU
At 4th level, the magus learns to use his arcane pool to recall spells he has already cast. With a swift action he can recall any single magus spell that he has already prepared and cast that day by expending a number of points from his arcane pool equal to the spell’s level (minimum 1). The spell is prepared again, just as if it had not been cast.
---Improved Spell Recall
---At 11th level, the magus’s ability to recall spells using his arcane pool becomes more efficient. Whenever he recalls a spell with spell recall, he expends a number of points from his arcane pool equal to 1/2 the spell’s level (minimum 1). Furthermore, instead of recalling a used spell, as a swift action the magus can prepare a spell of the same level that he has in his spellbook. He does so by expending a number of points from his arcane pool equal to the spell’s level (minimum 1). The magus cannot apply metamagic feats to a spell prepared in this way. The magus does not need to reference his spellbook to prepare a spell in this way.

Knowledge Pool - SU
At 7th level, when a magus prepares his magus spells, he can decide to expend 1 or more points from his arcane pool, up to his Intelligence bonus. For each point he expends, he can treat any one spell from the magus spell list as if it were in his spellbook and can prepare that spell as normal that day. If he does not cast spells prepared in this way before the next time he prepares spells, he loses those spells. He can also cast spells added in this way using his spell recall ability, but only until he prepares spells again.

Fighter Training
Starting at 10th level, a magus counts 1/2 his total magus level as his fighter level for the purpose of qualifying for feats. If he has levels in fighter, these levels stack.

Medium and heavy armor Prof - EX

At 16th level, whenever an enemy within reach of the magus successfully casts a spell defensively, that enemy provokes an attack of opportunity from the magus after the spell is complete. This attack of opportunity cannot disrupt the spell.

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Alryc Thrace: Arcane Knight Empty Lawful...not really

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Alryc Thrace: Arcane Knight Alryc

Aleryc sat in the court room unarmed and unarmored, neither was allowed in the court room. He clenched his fist in his lap obviously irate at the proceedings he considered to be a farce. Several days before the hearing he and several others had brought in a wanted vicious criminal and his friends. They were wanted on several counts of assault as well as rape, multiple murders and theft. The local constable had finally found a witness willing to testify and they had been keeping their identity a secret to preserve their courage. Apparently it was a poorly kept secret because now their witness had recanted their testimony and had stated he knew nothing and had never seen the defendants before. Aleryc stared at the men sitting there with their smug looks, they were walking and they knew it. "Things like this is why they don't allow weapons in here." he thought to himself. Before the announcement had even been completed releasing the men Aleryc had gotten up and walked out of the room not quietly and not caring if he disturbed the proceedings.

Aleryc sat outside the building waiting for the witness to come out. He saw the man walk out the front alone and approached him. "Excuse me sir", he said "May I speak with you please?” The man stammered for a moment "I..I'm sorry, I, uh, I don't have time." as he tried to hurriedly brush past Aleryc. But he kept step with the man, "look buddy" Aleryc continued "I know who those men are and what they've done and so do you. Why in the hells would you not testify against them and put them away where they can't hurt anyone else!" "Look buddy I don't know who you are" the man shot back in hushed tones "Like I said in there i don't know anything and I didn't see anything, got it." he said as he continued to walk away. "Bullshit" Aleryc said raising his voice, "the constable told me what you said and I believe it was the truth. So what in the hells changed your mind about testifying?" John looked around obviously concerned about someone seeing him talking to the guy following him or even worse hearing them. "Look mister I told you I don't know anything now leave me alone!" he said starting to raise his voice to match Aleryc's and picking up his pace while darting his head around to see who might be watching. Aleryc stepped directly in front of him "Not good enough, I want a real damn answer!" John got face to face with Aleryc and spoke in quiet hushed tones "Look I gotta wife and kids and a job that keeps me outta the house for long hours in a day. I'm not putting them in any danger for anyone, so if I have to change me story to protect them then so be it. Get it; Are we through now?" asked John with an almost pleading look on his face. "Yeah we're through." Aleryc said; John walked hurriedly away, Aleryc stood there for a moment looking around the street and then walked away as well.

"What the hell were you thinking pulling a stunt like that?" raved Aleryc's commanding officer as Aleryc stood at attention in front of him. "What were you evening doing in that bar? It's not in a section of town you go to and it's not a place you're all that liked in." "I was just looking for some place to get a drink and it looked like a fun spot." "Bullshit Aleryc, you went there looking for those guys that got let go. Don’t give me that bullshit story you came up with." His commanding officer took a deep breath and walked over and sat down at his desk. He sat there a moment or two and finally spoke after he'd calmed a bit. "You're not being pressed with any charges because technically it was self-defense, but you and I know you goaded those fools into attacking you. You continue to walk the edge of the blade with your behavior; we are not here to be jury, judge and executioner. Now you've managed not to actually break any of the laws or regulations that you're supposed to be upholding but damn it you try to bend them as much as possible sometimes." "Sir" interjected Aleryc, "I went in that bar and had a drink and those dirtballs attacked me, so I did what I had to. Does my conscious bother me, no. Do I feel guilty about it, no. Will I sleep well tonight, yes and you know what so will that witness and his wife and his kids and a bunch of other people. So am I sorry, no; should I have brought them in, yes but the situation escalated out of control before I could do anything about it."

His commander just sat there looking at him, "OK Aleryc if that's it then that's it. But I think I have a solution to my problem; that problem of course being you and how to deal with your behavior. An opportunity has presented itself that could be the best thing for both of us; it gets you out of my hair and puts your best talents to use. There is a patrol working out in the borderlands that can apparently use some help and you are being re-assigned to help them out. I'm not exactly sure what their mission is but I believe they are looking for Cyrists, now get out of my office and report for your new assignment." "Yes sir" Aleryc saluted turned around and headed out of the office. As Aleryc reached the door the officer spoke "Aleryc, good luck and give'em hell. I expect to see you back at this post after you're done with them." Aleryc turned to face the commander "Yes sir" he said with a slight smirk and a nod, he turned back around and walked out the door.

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Spells dc 0=20; 1=21; 2=22; 3=23; 4=24; 5=25; 6=26
levl 0|1|2|3|4|5|6
day 5|5|5|5|5|4|3
bns x|3|3|2|2|2|2

Concentration check = d20+17(CL) +10(int) +6(F&T)
Concentration DC’s
Cast defensively 15 + double spell level
Injured while casting 10 + damage dealt + spell level
Continuous damage while casting 10 + 1/2 damage dealt + spell level
Affected by a non-damaging spell while casting DC of the spell + spell level
Grappled or pinned while casting 10 + grappler's CMB + spell level
Vigorous motion while casting 10 + spell level
Violent motion while casting 15 + spell level
Extremely violent motion while casting 20 + spell level

Spell Resistance check = d20+17(CL) +2
0 - Acid Splash, Arcane Mark, Dancing Lights, Daze, Detect Magic, Disrupt Undead,
Flare, Ghost Sound, Light, Mage Hand, Open/close, Prestidigitation, Ray of Frost, Read magic

Ray of Enfeeblementx2
Chill Touch
Color Spray
Corrosive Touch
Shocking Graspx2
Obscuring mistx2
Floating Disk
Unseen Servant
Magic Weapon

Bull's Strength
Mirror Imagex3
Scorching Ray
Ghoul Touch(SB)
Touch of Idiocy(SB)

Dispel Magic
Vampiric Touch
Water Breathing
Locate Weakness
Phantom Steed

Black Tentacles
Wall of Fire
Fire Shield
Ice Stormx2
Greater Invisibility
Dimension Doorx2
Ball Lightningx2

Baleful Polymorph
Cone of Coldx2
Interposing Hand
Overland Flight
Corrosive Consumptionx2
Wall of Force

Contagious Flame
Chain Lightning
Greater Dispel Magic
Forcefull Hand
Walk through Space
True Seeing
Acid Fog


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