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Ameera Dahab Hamal Sajirn Empty Ameera Dahab Hamal Sajirn

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Ameera Dahab Hamal Sajirn Ameera2

Name: Ameera Dahab Hamal Sajirn
Age: 20 Years
Alignment: Lawful Neutral
Class: Sorcerer (Stormborn)

Height: 5'7"
Weight: 120 lbs
Skin: Dark Tan
Hair: Black
Eyes: Crystaline Blue
Appearance: Arabic

Ameera Dahab Hamal Sajirn Ameera

Family Background

Ameera, was the lastborn of the 6 children sired by Hamal Sajirn and his wife Dahab Irfan Tükal. The family had traces as far back as the nomadic tribes of the orignial Calimshan region, a long line of ancestors all gifted with natural sources of magic from unknown interbreeding with planar species.
Her father's family had lived a gifted life as travelling merchants, fortune-tellers, counselors, and mages for hire for countless generations, but that ended with her father, as he was hired as a Vizier at the Sultan's Court in Calimport, when only 20 years of age. Not long after he courted the young and beautiful Dahab, and took her hand and substantial dowry in marriage.

The family settled in Calimshan and had a prosperous life in the horizon, however, jealousy can be a cruel thing. Hamal was not the only to court the young Dahab, and when he "won the wage" the other courter became so furiously blinded with jealousy and hate that he planned for devious and dark deeds.
His name was Akhem Sÿlar Jerehm, a wealthy young man who came from an old family of Calimport, naval trade and warfare was their speciality. Akhem had no magical powers, but such could surely be dealt with when he had enough gold, so he payed a very powerful wizard to curse Hamal and his family.

All offspring of Hamal's would be disconnected from their natural magical birthright, and the males would not survive past the age of 10 years. A devious plan, which would ensure Hamal's ignorance until it was hopefully too late for him to father anymore children, and continue his bloodline. Akhem realized he could not stop the marriage, so he did the only thing he could to spoil the life of this happy family, and the pride of Hamal.

However, to Akhem's disappointment the cursed children were born with a visible abnormality, as they were refused a part of themselves the children were born with completely white hair and eyes, and even at early ages they seemed feeble and weak.
As his first son was born Hamal grew suspicious, but it was not until his second child was born with the same abnormality that he realized something was amiss.It was then Hamal began the work that would dedicate the next 15 years of his life, to right the wrong, save his children, his bloodline and future.

Even though Hamal loved his wife very much he faulted as only a prideful man could, and the easiest path was to blame her for the sickness of their children. As his third child was born, pale and weak without a shred of magic in it's body Hamal sought to a second wife. However, he was at fault, for her firstborn was likewise cursed, and this would prove it was indeed Hamal that was cursed and not his wife.

As the prophecied curse foresaw the eldest son died the day he turned 10 years old, his heart simply giving up. Unfortunately Hamal's discovery to the cure of this curse was too late to save his firstborn, and this pained Hamal greatly. Perhaps the death of his eldest son fuelled his passion, or rage, just enough, because 10 months later he finally broke the curse.

His fifth child was born, a healthy son with beautiful dark skin, black hair, and the clearest crystaline eyes, as ruelled in the Sajirn family. It was then he also dragged the instigator before the court of the Sultan, and with substantial proof saw to his just punishment. An eye for an eye, Akhem was stripped of any official titles of prestige, outlawed from Calimport, and his firstborn son was sentanced to die.

After 10 years in the service of the Court, after peril and strife for Hamal and his family he decided that Calimport was not the world for him anymore. He uprooted his family from their home, 2 wives and 5 children sought the way of travel and trade once more.

Ameera was born away from the peril her family had gone through for a small decade, and was born into a much more free life of travel and magic, and it was instantly obvious to Hamal that the she was the most powerful mage of all his children, perhaps even more potential than himself.

When Ameera came of age she sought her father's permission to travel out to seek more power, which Hamal could not refuse her. He knew she had potential for greatness, and now that his other adult sons and daughters would ensure the family bloodline, he was no longer worried for their future.

Ameera's Family
Father: Hamal Sajirn
Mother: Dahab Irfan Tükal (Sajirn)
1st Brother: Ötzir-Hamal Dabah Sajirn (Deceased)
2nd Brother: Tyhran-Hamal Dabah Sajirn
1st Sister: Nabihah Dabah Hamal Sajirn
2nd Wife/Stepmother: Ni'mar Fahtin (Sajirn)
2nd Sister: Salma Ni'mar Hamal Sajirn
3rd Brother: Ghazi-Hamal Ni'mar Sajirn


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Ameera Dahab Hamal Sajirn Empty Character Sheet Info

Post  Lulu on Sat Jan 22, 2011 3:27 pm

Race: Human
Size: Medium
Level: 5
Speed: 30
Initiative: 3
Class: Sorcerer (Stormborn)

Strength: 13
Dexterity: 16
Constitution: 14
Wisdom: 10
Intelligence: 14
Charisma: 18

BAB: 2
HP: 40
AC: 13

Combat Casting
Spell Penetration
Bouncing Spell
Elemental Spell

Special Abilities:

Skills: (40/40)
Appraise: 9
Bluff: 12
Climb: 3
Fly: 9
Intimidate: 12
Arcana 9
Geographic 4
Local 4
Nature 3
Ride: 2
Spellcraft: 5
Swim: 2
Use Magic Device: 10

Bloodline Spells
Shocking Grasp
Gust of Wind

Ray of Frost
Acid Splash
Mage Hand

Burning Hands
Endure Elements
Obscuring Mist
Feather Fall

Acid Arrow
Flaming Sphere

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